Trans* Lives:

an artistic take on gender expression


Art and gender expression intersect during Trans* Lives: An Artistic Take on Gender Expression. The Gender Expansion Project is  partnering with artists across the nation and beyond to host an art exhibit that has a whole new take on gender expression with a primary focus on the trans*, intersex and gender diverse / non-conforming community.

Our art is as diverse as the community it represents.
The exhibit provides a visual representation of the gender diverse community and everyday life in an artistic take. The event is designed to evoke questions and discussion on gender diversity

Interested in submitting art?

Trans* Lives is made possible through the submissions of art from trans*, intersex, gender diverse, non-conforming and allied individuals across the nation and beyond?

Interested in being a part of this ground breaking exhibit? Submit an application HERE.

Important Dates

  • September 15th – Entry deadline (Please submit your entry form by this date.)
  • September 30th – Shipping or drop-off delivery deadline. (Artwork should arrive by this date at the Western Montana Community Center.)
  • October 3rd – Artwork may be picked up from the space between 4 – 6 p.m. All art not picked up at this time will be held at the Western Montana Community Center for pickup.**

Contact the Art Show Coordinators with questions at