Join the GEP Conference Committee

The GEP Trans* Health Conference is made possible by the energy, skills, and talents of a large group of committed and enthusiastic volunteers, led by the dedicated team effort of our  GEP conference planning committee. We have a number of committee positions open for this conference and planning begins soon! Would you like to join our team?


How to Apply

To apply, please fill out the committee application at the bottom of this page. After completing the application, please email us a copy of your current resume that we may use in consideration for the position. Resumes can be sent to

All committee members must be readily available by both email and telephone. Thank you for your interest in volunteering!


Committee Positions


Registration Coordinator (lead + two assistants): Data entry – excel & google docs experience experience required.  Monitors online registration; sets up and runs in-person registration during conference.  Prepares name badges and attendee lists, trains and directs volunteers, and is responsible for daily receipts during event.  Work load gradually increases with intense time commitment during event. Coordinators must be calm under pressure and have excellent customer service skills.  Familiarity with trans* community a must.

Information and Resources Coordinator: Collects and organizes info. about local eateries, entertainment, tourist attractions, LGBTQQI resources/hangouts, transportation options, etc.

Advertising/Sponsorship Coordinator: Finds corporate sponsors for conferences; solicits and tracks advertisements for program book. Sales experience preferred.

Outreach/Publicity Coordinator: Spreads the word to all relevant organizations/communities locally and nationally.  Will require extensive time on the internet, email, and telephone.  Must have excellent communication skills.

Conference Photographer: Documents conference happenings and events as well as captures personal images to use for future publicity.  Must have good communication skills and obtain necessary release signatures for all willing photo subjects.

Receptions/Events Coordinator (lead + assistants): Plans and organizes social events throughout conferences, such as welcome receptions, family breakfasts, couples dinner, open mike, musical entertainment, etc.  Must be friendly, welcoming, and comfortable greeting conference attendees.

To be considered for these positions, you must be available for all days and hours relevant to said position.  More information can be supplied upon request.  Conference dates are October 24th – 26th, 2013.

For more information, please contact us at


Having troubles viewing the form? prefer to email or mail your application?
Below are .pdf & .docx file versions of the application

GEP Trans* Health Conference Committee Application – .pdf 

GEP Trans* Health Conference Committee Application – .docx