GEP Conference Accessibility

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive trans health conference focusing on the health and well being of all trans identified and gender variant / diverse individuals.

The Gender Expansion Project has taken the following steps to ensure that our conference is accessible to everyone.


  • All of our event and conference spaces are ADA accessible. The University of Montana University Center serves as our primary conference location and provides accessible spaces throughout. 
  • If you need sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices or other disability accommodations, we will be happy to assist you in securing accommodations.  In order for us to secure these accommodations, you must register no later than August 30th, 2015. (if you miss this deadline, please contact us and we will try to provide accommodations, but cannot guarantee accommodations past this deadline)


  • The University of Montana Campus is a tobacco free campus. We want to provide a safer environment for everyone that attends our conference, and for that reason, all of our events and our conference are fragrance/scent free to provide a safer environment to those with chemical sensitivities. We ask that everyone that attends the conference and our events refrain from using fragrance or other scented products while at the conference.
  • The Gender Expansion Project and Gender Expansion Conference are largely funded by the registration fees of our conference. These fees will be largely responsible for the continuation of the Gender Expansion Conference and our inclusive programming. We want this conference to be accessible to everyone. The Gender Expansion Project has taken the following steps to ensure that our conference is accessible
    • Scholarships / Subsidies / Sliding Fee Scale 
      Without attendees there would be no conference. Everyone who attends this conference has had a hand in ensuring it happens and that we continue to better serve our community. Every registration dollar paid covers expenses incurred in the continued production of the conference. Additionally, we have dedicated individuals working tireless behind the scenes raising funds to cover our expenses which are not covered by the registration costs of this conference.We know that, even with our sliding scale registration rates, not everyone can afford to attend. We offer both scholarships and subsidized rates for individuals wishing to attend the conference, in a hope that no one will turn away from the conference because they can’t afford the conference.
    • Conference Portal 
      The Gender Expansion Project has created the Conference Portal as a resource for conference attendees to find or offer rideshares, roomshares or other accommodations to reduce the overall cost of attendance to our attendees.
    • Gender Expansion Conference Scholarship Fund 
      The Gender Expansion Project is in the process of developing a scholarship fund for attendees and donors alike to contribute to assist with making our conference more accessible for everyone that attends.

We want this conference to be accessible to everyone and removing barriers to our conference is of a priority of the Gender Expansion Project.

If you would like to discuss potential barriers of our conference, please contact our committee at